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AllFab is an ISO 9001:2008
registered company.

AllFab Solutions Inc.
P. O. Box 1299
778 Woody Drive
Graham, North Carolina 27253
(336) 227-8600 ext. 3204
FAX: (336) 227-0380


While providing manufactured goods, AllFab is actually a service company. The "Whole Product" we produce is more than just the metal part we ship.

Industry standards allow that acceptable quality is simply supplying a product that conforms to a customer's specification. At AllFab it is much more. It is every interface the customer has with our organization. It is the customer's perception that determines value and quality.

Every member of the AllFab team is vital to making the customers perceptions positive. As a team we constantly work to eliminate error and waste from our organization. Through life long learning and dedicated effort, we strive to work in an atmosphere that provides stimulation, challenge, growth, friendship, stability, and success for all team members.

Samples of Product Capabilities    Click On Images

Cabinet Frame

Ground Mount Cab

Polemount Cabinet

Telecom Rack

Zinc plated door

Aluminum Tray

Copper Buss Bar

Laser-cut Stainless

Rear Panel

SS Indoor Wall Plates

Electro-mechanical Assemblies

Polemount Cabinet Open

Indoor Wall-mount Cabinet

Rack Mount Panel

Wire formed Weldment